Saturday, April 7, 2012

Controlling your RC Plane from Computer using SoundCard

Controlling your RC Plane using your PC is surprisingly easy

The main idea is that RC Transmitter generates audio signals that are carried by the Radio signals using FM or spread spectrum. The receiver decode these signals and output audio signals PMM that servo understands and moves accordingly.

This link explains every thing in good details.

However the sample is for Linux, another person who helped to develop a window version in this link

What is New ?

Well the C# code above reads from a joystick and generates an audio signal. My application is basically depends on the SoundPlay.cs but allows you to control your plane from the screen directly.

I tested it on my Spektrum DX7, and an Orange RX and it worked great.

Main Things to Remember:

1- Remember to set your voice setting to 192000 Hz in your Windows settings as in the image below.
2- Set your TX to in the Trainer menu P-Link.
3- Change Windows sound volume till DX7 detects that it is connected to another Remote.

Then you can enjoy controlling your RC

You can download source code from here

and binaries

Thanks for the guys who wrote the original linux and windows version.

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