Wednesday, July 18, 2012

N-Channel Switch

What is N-Channel Switch

N-Channel Switch is a hardware device that is very much like multiplexer that takes input from two sources and based on a select signal it outputs on of these two signals.

General Function

Domains of Application

     This is a general purpose device, so it can be used in different fields; however it was specifically designed to target RC planes. 

     In UAV planes you may need to take-off and land using your own skills not autonomously using plane computer. You can easily and instantly take control from your plan. Same need when testing your UAV you need to make sure that if something went wrong you are still able to get it back again. The idea here is that this switch is completely isolated from your complex UAV logic, so if main processor hangs due to software bug you can still access this switch and get your plan back.

Another use of this switch is when trainer a new pilot on RC Planes. You no longer need to have the same type of transmitters; you can even use your FM together with his 2.4 GHz in a master slave combination.  All you need to do is to put two receivers on that plane, connect them to the switch and you can start your training session safely.

Features and Specification

  • Takes Throttle, Elevator, Rudder & Aileron input from two sources. This can be two receivers or a receiver and a UAV board.
  • Use PWM signal to switch from first input to the second. You can use gear, Aux1, Aux2 …etc. to make switching.
  • Two digital output ports can be used to turn lights or other devices on and off by using a control signal.
  • Failsafe Switching. In case one source stops sending valid data the switch automatically switches to the other source.

Pin Assignment

Input Ports

Output Ports

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram

Source Code & Hex

HEX file is here
Also Source Code is here

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